Made from recycled plastic: Bricks that are stronger than concrete

Nzambi Matee from Kenya has found a way to recycle plastic into bricks that are stronger than concrete. Matee used her engineering skills to develop the method and opened a factory in Nairobi called Gjenge Makers. There, Matee and workers process the waste, mix it with sand and heat it up. The result is a brick that is five to seven times stronger than concrete.

The plastic Gjenge Makers uses to produce the bricks was originally used for milk or shampoo bottles, cereal or sandwich bags, buckets, and ropes. Usually, this kind of waste cannot be processed and recycled by other facilities in the region.

Every day, Matee and her facility produces about 1,500 bricks, in different sizes and colours. Since opening she has recycled about 20 tons of plastic.

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