Miznon's famous cauliflower

Eyal Shani is an Israeli chef. He owns nine restaurants, seven of them in Israel; they include his flagship North Abraxas, where he pioneered the whole cauliflower technique, as well as five branches of his gourmet pita chain Miznon. Three are in Tel Aviv, one is in Paris and the newest one is in Vienna. The chef's signature dish is its cauliflower, which is served whole. He himself was inspired by his business partner Shahar Segal:“The story of this dish began more than 10 years ago. I went to his house on a Friday night, and I asked what we’d be eating. He told me - open the oven, and I saw it in its full golden glory. I said to myself - good God, another week and I would’ve invented this dish. Now it’s his for keepsies.”

When asked about the recipe, Shani says 'The recipe is ultimately very simple - you cook a good small- to medium-sized cauliflower; the smaller they are, the sweeter. Nowadays [at Shani’s restaurants] we work with a special variety of cauliflower that’s grown just for us, over entire hills in the Negev. You cook the cauliflower in salted water and then let it drain like cooked potatoes. You let all the steam dissipate, and then you cover it in olive oil and stick it in the oven.'


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