Seal count in the Thames concludes that "the river is full of life".

After a count of seals and grey seals in the Thames, scientists have expressed satisfaction with the state of the British river. Members of the Zoological Society of London estimated the population at 2866 grey seals and 797 harbour seals. Although this is a good 500 animals less than in the previous count in 2019, the decline is not proof of problems, according to the experts. For example, more animals may have been in the sea during the three-day count than the previous time, and some may have migrated, Cox said. "What matters is the long-term picture."

"The thriving population shows how well the Thames has recovered since it was declared 'biologically dead' in the 1950s," biologist Thea Cox told the PA news agency. "People think the Thames is dead because it's brown, but the Thames is full of life. The water quality has improved a lot."


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